WWE card games


With the use of the smartphone and advent of new technologies, new games are introducing to entertain the people and to refine their gaming skill. If you love playing games on the smartphone, then you will find unlimited options and some of them might be free. If you are looking a card battling game by a major corporation like 2k games, then you can consider playing WWW SuperCard game. WWE SuperCard game is free and simple to learn. But if you are not familiar with the card battling games, then you might find this game a bit difficult to understand and to play.

Do you want to know how to play WWW SuperCard game? Are you interested in knowing its rules? If yes, then you can go through the following WWE Supercard game review. In the review, you will get all the details such as what it is and how to play.

WWE Supercard game review

WWE Supercard is a card battling game introduced by the 2k games. The setup of this game is simple and anyone who knows card battling games can easily understand its setup. To start this game, the players will have to choose five cards from the pool. All of the cards have a certain statistical spread including power, speed, charisma, and toughness. For the each round of the game, a statistical bonus point will be offered. For example, who receives the high charisma rating and Big Snow, gets more power. You can use those powers and bonus points in the respective advantage rounds. Alternatively, you can add additional bonuses using wwe supercard generator.

Sometimes, you might have tag-team rounds where you need to choose two at once and in other situations, multiple stat lines might come into play. But you will be able to modify some stats with the support cards like chairs and ladders to help yourself to dominate the game. Everything will be fast-paced and one can easily pick up them. Comedic animations such as the suplexing cards will make the game more entertaining and fun. In this game, you will have to pick up the card after card and can use them with a little modification. You will have to play randomly without using your brain. The cards will decide your fate in this game. There will not be any rule and energy mechanism, you just need to play to your heart’s contents with random people by the simple way of matchmaking.

Even if you lose a round, you will have the option to choose a card to add your pool. If you win the round, then you will be able to choose two cards. This game can allow the players to play for hours by collecting the cards. Cards will be many. Some cards will offer better bonuses, and others less. It will have a fuse mechanic that will allow a small crafting system of sorts. If you will be able to get doubles, then you will have the option to fuse these cards into each other and you can boost their stats during the process.

If you want you can also trade the lower-end cards for your benefits. This system works exceptionally well and enables the players to boost their cards that the players want to add and spend less time building a colossal deck of hundred of cards.

The game is designed in such way that the players will only need a small deck to dominate the game and succeed. They will not feel pressurized to get some minimum amount like hundred unique cards to be in the game. It is easy to play and stay in the game. With a little practice, one can make it more fun and enjoyable. When it comes to the IPS system, everything will run by the credits.

What about the software 

The game will be available on any iOS device and on the Google Play Store for the Android devices. This app runs smoothly on any above-mentioned devices. It is easy to play and understand. If you are totally new to the card battling game, then you might take some time to understand the cards, bonus, modifications, and other things that will come gradually with the practice.

If you want something for the relaxation and fun, then you can try WWE SuperCard game. You can play it at any time and at any place. It does not demand any intelligence to start up and continue. It is easy to understand and play. You can play it for hours.